Cool Careers You Can Try in the Today’s Music Recording Industry

Music Students

You are probably among those many musically inclined students out there right now who are still weighing your choices as to what you will do after graduating from high school. Will you just go to college, or are there still some other exciting ways for you to be a part of the ever growing industry of music recording?
If you work and become a part of the industry of music recording, it means that you’ll be getting that rare opportunity to actually work hand in hand with top musicians as well as recording artists. There are now various careers to choose from and try in this particular industry. The music producers are the ones who guide the sound’s shape, while the sound engineer is the one capturing the sound.
Today’s music businesses is leaning towards online more and more that is why it is really a must to learn as much as you can regarding the business’ music recording side. Digital music distribution done online has definitely changed the overall landscape of the modern music industry. Aside from that, the music technology has also considerably grown a lot. See here. Musicians of today must have ample knowledge regarding technology, a majority of which concerns software programs. The virtual world means that you need to be familiar with software aside from being knowledgeable about certain hardware based technologies.
If you want to combine your love for music with a thriving career, here are a few ideas you might want to try.

Music Students

Composers come up with original music, while arrangers take an existing music then decide on the parts every instrument is going to play. Most composers also double as arrangers.

Talent Scout/A&R Rep

If you are an A&R rep for any major label, it is your ears that count more than your ability of keeping a beat or your voice as a whole. You will be the one to scout talents and bring up and coming artists to the label.
Concert Promoter
A concert promoter must have a keen business sense in order to be successful. They are the ones who think of things related to concerts, from marketing to selling tickets, to weather and audience, all the while keeping tabs on the bottom line.
Disc Jockey
What good is playing tunes for yourself if you can now play these to a large audience and earn money at the same time? Aside from that, you can also entertain listeners with your personality and leave them impressed with your knowledge on music. For all you know, you can become an instant celebrity in your own right.
Recording/Sound Engineer
It is inside the mixing room where technology and music meet, and it is also where recording or sound engineers reign. The job of these professionals is to monitor all pieces of editing equipment and ensure that everything sounds exactly as it should.
Studio Musician
A studio musician is the one responsible for making you fall in love with songs in the very first place. They are the ones who play instruments in the studio or for live audiences, whether as part of a group like orchestra or a band, or solo.

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